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Hypnosis Unwrapped Online Training Course Testimonials

James Stewart, Salt Lake City, USA

"I was certified in 2000 by a school that taught the "National Guild of Hypnotists" (NGH) agenda. I enjoyed the classes but felt that much of the training was too close to stage hypnotist techniques."

"During one class, the guest instructor used a different approach -- a permissive induction, similar to the techniques you teach. I fell into a much deeper trance than I had when our regular instructors used a more authoritarian approach."

"Instead of feeling badgered and intimidated into a trance, this guest instructor seduced me into a trance. In fact, I felt myself going so deeply that I pulled back a bit, apprehensive about unchartered territory."

"At the end of the entire course, even though I had a certificate in hand that said I was a certified hypnotherapist, I knew that my training had just begun. Since then, I've focused my study on those "Eriksonian" techniques that my school merely touched upon but intrigued me the most."

"My never-ending quest brought me to your online school via your sister site-- hypnosisdownloads.com. (I had already found that site to be a wealth of information.) I've really enjoyed your course -- Mark and Jill are great teachers. You've helped me understand the thought and reasons behind the tools and techniques -- not just what to do, but why."

"I'll still be learning from your study materials for some time, as I go over this information again and again. I like your multi-media approach to teaching -- videos, audio files, written materials. In particular, I think the "Hypnosis Unwrapped" DVDs were the cornerstone of the course."

"Much of the other materials emphasized and expanded on these videos. Actually being able to watch Jill and Mark teach classes, plus intros and summaries from Roger, was worth the price of the course"

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Rose Morgan, Hypnotherapist, Christchurch, New Zealand

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Hypnosis Unwrapped Course as it felt like gaps were filled in and it was comforting and satisfying having the missing pieces come together, just like completing that puzzle and finding those last bits."

"I guess I am... well I know I am, totally inspired by all the teaching you all impart at UNK and now know I can step into my future with confidence. Thank-you all so much :-)"

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Pieter G Spies, Senior Social Work Practitioner, Wales

"The course presentation very integrated, compact, could always refer back to material before or after sessions, very challenging at times for me - out of my depth at times, especially after sessions."

"It gave me an opportunity to learn much about myself moving out of comfort zone in the first instance and taking a metha-stance to understand my responses [in relation to my basic needs, for example]."

"The course was far more than just content - or about the 'how to' do hypnosis for me. That in it self has been very useful and fulfilling of course, but new concepts about the role of [self] hypnotic induction really enriched my way of thinking as a whole, e.g. on my personal spiritual meditation level; as well as understanding the significance of language [metaphor, narrative, reframing, prescribing of symptom, double bind] in therapy, and checking on hypnotic content in everyday conversations. I also tried self hypnosis during a migraine attack and minimised the irritating light flashes in my eyes."

"The 'know how' expertise, I'm sure will continue with practice and I am currently reviewing the course holistically to integrate into my therapy praxis further."

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Louis van der Bank, Australia

"This course has good structure and clear building blocks to enable participants to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to get started with hypnosis. It was also an eye opener to learn that even shallow trance states can be considered as useful in hypnosis and that repetition would eventually pay off."

"I was not very active during conference calls and online chat mostly because of the time difference. I had to join in at 3.30 am from Adelaide Australia (thus getting up at 3am). Therefore I enjoyed having the recorded conferences and I have listened to them all! I would like to get into the rewind technique and depression training as well, however will first want to implement and condition myself in basic hypnosis. You will sure hear from me again!'"

Thank you for a lovely course and your enthusiasm in presenting this material."

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Lynda Curlette, Nanton Alberta, Canada

"I specifically enjoyed how each session was presented in the way they were as to basically tie it all in together. Each session I attended we got a recap somewhat of the previous one and when ahead with more information."

"It really seems simple common sense as to how people react to different things in life but yet we are all the same and just knowing some of the psychology of our unconscious minds works, the emotion, the resistance, the needs. Learning these things in this way has anchored it far more in my mind than any other readings I have done, including some therapy sessions I have received in the past."

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