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How to Lift Depression Quickly Training Course Testimonials

Maxine Hamilton, Business Manager Continental Airlines and Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Horley, UK

"I liked the way the 'Lift Depression Quickly' course was presented step-by-step with the assessments available to view right from the outset, so that one has a well rounded and big picture view of what is required. It enables one to see where it is going. Thank you, this was a fabulous course and it came just at the right time for me on a personal level because I have had three operations in the last two years to cure cancer, one of which thrust me into a surgically induced menopause and I truly needed (I didn't think I did at the time) to clear out my mind. This course helped me to rid myself of some of those 'silly little niggling thoughts' and I am now not only mentally healthy and balanced but also mentally strong again, which in turn has had a big impact on my physical fitness! THANK YOU for returning me to being MAXINE!!"

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Dr Peter Ulle, Dentist from Graz, Austria

"In comparison to the current view of mainstream medicine this approach to depression is much more sound and convincing to me."

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Rose Morgan, Hypnotherapist, Christchurch, New Zealand

"It is hard to be specific as there is such a wealth of great information in this course. I know I will be referring back to it all as standard reference material for a long time to come (maybe forever) as it is all bountifully rich in knowledge and helping tools. It's awesome to have The Depression Learning Path and Ebook too. I feel so much wiser for having everything at my fingertips and being able to really get a handle on what depression is and how to help someone in a positive way. Thank-you so much Mark & Jill :-)"

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Jacqueline Bell, Kent

"I liked the way that although course information was available to read in advance, the session summary, content and test were only available on the day of the session as that meant we were all focused on the subject at hand rather than some reading ahead (which can demoralise others who have less time to do that). Additionally it gave us time to assimilate each new learning before moving onto the next."

"I have a very lively sense of curiosity which is strength, yet it can at times also be a weakness as I often try to run before I can walk...this structure stopped me doing that whilst keeping my attention. Which I thought was great."

"Jill and Mark were patient and helpful and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone. Thank you for everything."

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Etai Gilad, Amsterdam

"I liked the build up of the course and the weeks focus, topics and practicality. I liked the interactive parts where Mark and Jill got us to "think aloud" - some good ideas came up."

"The Depression-Program is great resource of knowledge and ideas that I already use with clients with success, so I probably will come back to it for more ideas in the future."

"All in all it is a great value course and got me to deepen my understanding for the diploma course and show me how much I already know and can use with clients."

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Sophie Nicholls, Hypnotherapist, York, UK

"The course content is excellent. Everything is brought together in a clear and immediately applicable format. Understanding the Cycle of Depression is important for any hypnotherapist and I continue to find some of the key concepts essential, not only in working with my clients with depression but also in other areas such as anxiety, panic and migraine. A vital component of any therapist's toolkit!"

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Maria Doherty, Psychotherapist and Life Coach, South Lanarkshire

"What I particularly liked was the availability of the recordings so I could listen and re-listen as often as I wished, gleaning more from them each time."

" I also thought that the support material was of a very high standard, broadening and consolidating the learning from the calls."

"I found the content to be invaluable. It gave me a fresh perspective on depression and tools I can use with confidence with my clients. Thank you."

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Bill Frazier, Hypnotic Skills for Positive Change, Baltimore, Maryland USA

"Mark and Jill were wonderful of course, and professional and approachable at the same time--tricky combination as I'm sure you know!"

"I learned so much and I hardly noticed. Thanks for so many skills and techniques and ideas. Best of luck to all at Uncommon Knowledge--I will spread the word as much as I am able!"

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Sarah Humphrey, Occupational Therapist, Newcastle, UK

"I have found your course exceptionally good. I have undertaken a number of different trainings and feel I have a good toolkit (NLP, Hypnosis, CBT, SFT, EFT) and what I have really found useful with your depression course is that it has provided me with a really great structure and greater confidence and clarity in pulling it all together. Thanks for the course - it is really making a difference!"

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