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"The hypnotic relaxation session was like no other relaxation tape I have ever tried. A deep relaxation that leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed for hours - truly amazing!"
Mary Goodrow, Rochester, Michigan USA

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"A well structured and enlightened course providing the student with the confidence and tools to go out and practice. The course material and pace of introduction of real clients at an early stage set it apart from the clinical, narrowly focused, theoretical and prescriptive approaches of some of the London schools. Excellent. Thank you."
Guy Baglow, Therapist

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"Rob's storytelling workshop was a splendid way to spend a Saturday! The content was about right, not too full, not too serious, and it was presented with energy and lightness."
Ian Bowden, Computer Programmer, West London

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“Since the weekend I’ve been hypnotising all my friends - and my sleep has definitely improved" Ann C.

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Well I'll tell you I feel like I have a personal trainer that I can constantly refer to over and over again. I am also going to use this for my children as a tool to help them in all their endeavors.

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"I am now much more confident about certain situations and in turn I think has helped reduce my attacks. I haven't had one now for two weeks. I am thrilled."

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