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Psychology News Clippings for Uncommon Knowledge

Here are some of the many recent appearances, publications and features that have been in the media relating to Uncommon Knowledge:

Enough Already January 2008, Eve Magazine - how to say no to more with - Enough Already. Creative Director Mark Tyrrell advises how to make decisions based on gut feeling rather than spending hours or even days trawling through a mass of information.

Guide to Self-hypnosis August 2007, The Sunday Times newspaper recommends our hypnosis training DVD "Hypnosis Unwrapped" in Guide to Self-hypnosis - Essential gear for hypnotherapy

Social Fitness December 2006, Red magazine helps with your Social Fitness Give your social skills a work-out. It's not just your body that needs to be fit, try circuit training for your schmoozing skills - no gym kit required.

6 Steps to Instaant KarmaMarch 2006, Cosmopolitan magazine's article on 6 Steps to Instant Karma recommends Hypnosis Downloads (www.hypnosisdownloads.com), for help and advice on anxiety and phobias. Give stress the boot with our save-your-sanity shortcuts (no lotus position required).

Ask Mens HealthJune 2005, Mens Health magazine: Psychologist and Director of Self Confidence (www.self-confidence.co.uk), Mark Tyrrell, answers those embarrassing little questions in Ask Mens Health.

National Depression WeekApril 2005, the Sunday Express newspaper talks to hypnotherapist Jill Wootton about National Depression Week. A cocktail of drugs: the shocking treatment for Britains growing army of depressed children.

Sainsburys MagazineSeptember 2004, Sainsburys magazine discuss how do cope with panic attacks in Don't Panic and recommends Panic Attacks (www.panic-attacks.co.uk) for further information. Panic attacks are surprisingly common but they can be frightening and debilitating. Half the battle of treating them is admiting what really causes them

Helped By HypnosisNovember 2004, The Argus newspaper interviews Uncommon Knowledge Training Director and hypnotherapist Jill Wootton, who talks about people who are Helped By Hypnosis to control their temper.

Less StressDecember 1999, Business Life magazine talks to Managing Director of Uncommon Knowledge Roger Elliott about taking time out look after your mind in Less Stress. As the new age dawns it seems only appropriate to investigate new age stress-busters.

5 Ways to Stay YoungSurf magazines Health & Beauty article suggests 5 Ways to Stay Young by looking after the inner you with deep relaxation and self hypnosis from Uncommon Knowledge. Surf magazine recommends a number of our self help products such as The Hypnotic Diet and the Deep Sleep Programme.

What Your Inhibitions Really MeanDo you quake at the thought of bearing your body in front of a new boyfriend, but feel perfectly happy going topless on the beach with your pals? Zest magazine talks to training director Jill Wootton in What Your Inhibitions Really Mean - Everyone has secret inhibitions but you don't have to be a victim.

The Scotsman

Why 1,000 apologies is not nearly enough December 2006, The Scotsman newspaper talks to Uncommon Knowledge creative director, Mark Tyrrell, about Why 1,000 apologies is not nearly enough - Sorry is not the hardest word for the British, ... each of us utters it an average of 1.9 million times in our lifetime.

Confidence Tricks July 2002, The Scotsman newspaper talks to Mark Tyrrell in Confidence Tricks about our self hypnosis weekend workshops..."I decided to launch myself into a series of self-esteem workshops before self-doubt got the better of me."

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director