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Wordweaving - The Science of Suggestion


Author: Trevor Silvester


For hypnotherapists to be effective in assisting clients, one essential tool is making effective suggestions for change.

This book is aimed at hypnotherapists who want a structured approach to improving the effectiveness of their hypnotic suggestions.

Whilst nothing in the book is radically new; it uses models from a number of fields its strength lies in its clear, structured approach, it is also well written, with clear explanations of jargon.

The author has created the term WordweavingTM to describe a three-step process. The first step is identifying where to aim a suggestion to make it effective, the second is the category of mental effects, known as trance phenomena (for example amnesia, imagining the future) to use, and finally how to word the suggestion for best effect.

The first part of the book covers the processes of the unconscious mind, including what the author calls the Matrix Model, how our perception changes reality, and the importance of identity, beliefs and abilities in making change effective.

The second part looks at the trance phenomena which can be part of a client’s problem and when used hypnotically, part of the solution.

The language of suggestions, using direct and indirect approaches, and the other tools of hypnotic language are covered in part three.

The final part weaves all that has gone before together to demonstrate how to make effective hypnotic suggestions.

This book is highly recommended for hypnotherapists who want to improve their skills at hypnotic suggestion that are targeted to the individual needs of a client.

Review by Michael Lank

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