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Uncommon Therapy, The Psychiatric Techniques of
Milton H Erickson, M.D.

Uncommon Therapy

Author: Jay Haley

Uncommon Therapy

Uncommon Therapy is probably the best introduction to the work of Milton H Erickson, arguably the greatest therapist of modern times, and someone who had an unparalleled understanding of human behaviour.

It presents a broad, yet useful, overview of Erickson's operating premises and how they are implemented in his communication techniques.

The case examples within the book convey much more information than can explanation alone and you will still be extracting new ideas from this book on your 10th reading.

Erickson's skills of observation and communication are legendary, and there is no better way of understanding why than reading, and re-reading Uncommon Therapy.

Uncommon Therapy Chapter Headings

1. Preface
2. Strategic Therapy
3. The Family Life Cycle
4. The Courtship Period: Changing the Young Adult
5. Character Revision of the Young Adult
6. Marriage and Its Consequences
7. Childbirth and Dealing with the Young

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