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Sleep Thieves

Sleep Thieves

Author: Stanley Coren

Review by Mike Lawley

Sleep Thieves

The need for sleep is real. An obvious conclusion for a book on sleep and surely (yawn), something we already know? Coren gives us the wake up call - most of us know very little about sleep, including our own. It is only recently that researchers have shown the damage sleep deprivation causes.

We are heading for a 24 hour, 7 day a week society where sleep is a non-productive waste of time.

Along with this are myths that if you take the needed 9 to 10 hours (yes 9 to 10 hours!) sleep then you are lazy and that great leaders and creative people survive on 4 hours or less sleep per day.

Coren debunks these myths. With sufficient sleep debt you will fall asleep whether you like it or not, putting your life and others' at risk. Sleep debt resulting from lack of sleep is cumulative and leads to psychological and physical problems. Simply put, if you donít sleep - you die.

This informative, easy-to-read book for lay or professional people is a must. Learn how to improve health and productivity by staying in bed longer - a dream come true?

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director