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Origin of Dreams

Origin of Dreams

Author: Joseph Griffin

Origin of Dreams

This book's cover carries quotes from eminent psychologist H J Eysenck and has been complimented by many other luminaries in the field of psychology.

It would be almost impossible to overstate the importance of this discovery, made by the psychologist author in 1996. That his information is useful in addition to illuminating is an added bonus.

This is a gripping read, from the real dream analyses to the light it casts into previously dark corners of psychology. Whether you are a psychologist or psychotherapist, troubled by nightmares or just a dreamer, Origin of Dreams is a tremendously exciting book.

Learn more about dreams and what they mean.

The Origin of Dreams Chapter Headings

1 The Origin of Dreams - An evolutionary puzzle
2 A Thousand and One Nights - Theoretical and experimental background
3 The Sleeping Mind - The biology of dreaming
4 The Psychology of Dreaming - Part I - Silberer's autosymbolic effect
5 The Psychology of Dreaming - Part II - Our endless quest for analogy
6 Two Card Houses - The seminal dreams of Freud and Jung
7 Creativity and Dreams - Solving problems
8 The Metaphorical Mind - Applications of the theory

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