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The Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Book

Healthy Mind Healthy Body

Author: Robert Ornstein PhD and David S Sobel MD

Review by Mark Tyrrell

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

This offering from the dynamic duo is a fantastically rich source book packed full of tips and facts on how to improve mental and physical health in yourself and others.

Subjects as optimism and immunity, the pain-reducing effects of laughter, the role of spiritual beliefs in health and the keys to effective listening are explored in depth. They are supported throughout with fascinating research findings and straight forward tips and advice for healthy living.

One memorable example involved the benefits of writing about painful memories and difficult personal issues, the research indicating that keeping a personal diary could dramatically increase your life span!

This tip stems from a series of studies investigating the healing effects of confiding or writing. One group was asked to write their deepest thoughts and feelings about a traumatic event they experienced.

Another group wrote about ordinary matters such as their plans for the day. Both groups wrote for 15 to 20 minutes a day for three to five consecutive days. The results were surprising. When compared with the people who wrote about ordinary events, the ones who wrote about their traumatic experiences reported fewer symptoms, fewer visits to the doctor, fewer days off work, improved mood and a more positive outlook.

Their immune function was enhanced for at least six weeks after writing. This was especially true for those who disclosed in their journals previously undisclosed painful feelings.

This is the kind of book that doctors could recommend to their patients to ensure they take maximum care of themselves. A great book for therapists and patients alike.

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director