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Breathe Easy - Destress, Build Confidence and Focus Your Mind in 7 Days

Author: Dr David Lewis

Breathe Easy

Breathe Easy draws on research to illustrate the importance of breathing in the management of emotional states, and teaches you precisely how to use your own breathing patterns constructively.

Not only does the author detail how problematic states can be alleviated through breathing, but also how peak mental and physical performance can be achieved. As will be familiar to readers of this newsletter, he states that the limbic system - the part of the brain responsible for emotion - speaks a different language to the higher cortex.

The most ancient cortical structure - the reptilian brain - constantly monitors levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide within the blood, changing our breathing patterns in line with demand.

While thoughts and verbal injunctions go unnoticed, breathing he claims, is the fastest, and most direct route to influencing activity within the older brain regions.

Research shows that rather than a response to emotional arousal, as is commonly thought, changes in breathing are the precursor - “the spark that lights the gunpowder trail”.

Both experimental data from brain research and practical experience with athletes and business people is used to support the techniques contained within this simple but powerful book.

It is an easy read, with enough detail for those who are seeking the scientific support for his assertions, and with colour and energy enough for those who want a less in-depth read.

I recommend it for people who want an effective method for self management and practitioners who want a new tool for their toolkit.

Review by Roger Elliott

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director