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Uncommon Knowledge Depression Self Help Program


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This is a full contents listing of the Uncommon Knowledge Depression Self Help Program.

Each written session in the Program E-book has a supporting Relaxed Review Audio Session.

Depression Program Management Details 2
Downloading E-books and Audio Sessions 2
Contents 3
The Uncommon Knowledge Depression Program 5
Acknowledgements 8
Navigating the Depression Program E-book 10
Internal Links 10
Scroll Bar 10
Depression Program Map 12
About This Program 13
Introduction 15
How to use the Uncommon Knowledge Depression Program 15
Take Your Time 16
Session One Understanding Depression 20
Understanding Depression 20
Indeed, Knowledge Is Power 20
Depression Test 21
Giving Yourself a Break 23
Setting the Scene 27
Future Improvement Indicators Exercise 28
Session Two Basic Needs 30
Understanding Your Basic Needs 30
Basic Needs Planning Exercise 35
Basic Human Needs 36
Session Three Overcoming Anxiety 40
Overcoming Anxiety 40
Location, location, location 45
Curbing Panic Attacks 46
Stress 48
Quick strategies to manage anxiety and stress 51
Session Four Influence & Control 58
A Question of Influence 58
Control Exercise 63
Control Examples Exercise 64
Session Five Problem Solving 67
Problems and Depression - Making mountains out of molehills 67
Listing Problems Exercise 69
Depresso’s Secrets: How ‘internal problems’ are created and maintained 72
Thought avoidance 81
Session Six Explanatory Styles 87
What you tell yourself about your world 87
Explanatory Styles Explained 90
How to think depressingly 91
Choosing between a negative and positive bias 95
Session Seven Flexible Thinking 100
Generating other possible explanations 100
About collecting evidence 104
Session Eight Catastrophizing 106
Misuse of the imagination 106
Anti-Catastrophizing Exercise 107
‘At-Leasting’ Exercise 112
Session Nine Relationships 113
Depression and relationships 113
True story: Emotional bank accounts 116
Limit-Setting Exercise 117
Session Ten Communication 121
Communication within relationships 121
How to say ‘No’ 121
Relationship choices 122
Some words on jealousy 124
Session Eleven Socializing 126
How to get more people into your life 126
Developing friendships and being an attractive friend 127
Making friends and getting along with people 128
How to get along with people 128
How to make someone feel valued in conversation 137
Session Twelve Sleep 141
Depression and Sleep: tips and ways to move forward 141
Sleep and depression 142
How to sleep better 143
Session Thirteen Exercise 149
Getting moving and eating right! 149
Benefits of moderate exercise for depression 150
How much exercise? 151
Session Fourteen Nutrition 154
Eating away depression 154
Mind Food 155
Session Fifteen Humor 158
The importance of laughter and or 158
Funny Memories Exercise 162
Session Sixteen Goal Setting 166
Dreaming Out Loud Exercise 170
Steps to Success Exercise 172
Extract More Satisfaction 173
Maximizing Satisfaction Exercise 173
Session Seventeen Motivation 176
Your life ahead - keeping motivated 176
Quick Step Guide to Practical Exercises 181
Answers Section 187
Index of Relaxed Reviews 196

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director