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A Cure for Insomnia

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Sleeping and Insomnia

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The Deep Sleep Program
A hypnotic cure for insomnia

Price: $60.00

Get Peaceful Moments FREE when you order today! ($35.00 value)

There is little in life more depressing than the inability to sleep. The awful loneliness of being awake alone at 3am; the anxiety as bedtime approaches; the low energy and irritable moods. Not to mention the knowledge that you're not operating at anywhere near your best!

Customer Quote
"The hypnotic relaxation session was like no other relaxation tape I have ever tried. A deep relaxation that leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed for hours - truly amazing!"

Mary Goodrow, Rochester, Michigan USA
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And those are only the most obvious effects. Recent research showed that even losing only 2 hours of sleep a night impacts the immune system by lowering the activity of natural killer cells (disease fighters) by up to 20%!

So is there such a thing as a cure for insomnia? And is there one that doesn't involve drugs with their inevitable side effects and danger of addiction?

Well, let's look at it this way. Insomnia is a 100% natural response to stress. The body stays awake because the mind keeps it that way. Is simply does not allow the body to achieve the sleep state.

An insomnia cure, therefore, has to reverse this process. It has to return the mind and body to their natural state - the state where sleep can take place 100% naturally.

Better to 'Let It Happen'

The only way to stop insomnia is to relax the body so deeply that sleep naturally takes over, whilst keeping the conscious mind occupied with something else. (This is, after all, what happens when you fall asleep naturally.) And the best way to do this is with hypnosis.

By definition, hypnosis creates a state of deep relaxation whilst keeping the conscious mind occupied.

How The Deep Sleep Program Achieves This

The Deep Sleep Program is a groundbreaking double CD pack created by the directors of Uncommon Knowledge, Roger Elliott and Mark Tyrrell. Mark and Roger are both highly experienced hypnotherapists, using cutting-edge hypnotherapy techniques with their clients on a daily basis. They also run professional training courses in hypnotherapy in the UK.

They have poured all of their extensive knowledge about curing insomnia into the Program, creating a highly effective treatment for those needing help.

Try It With No Risk
We think that The Deep Sleep Program will make you feel so much better so quickly, we want you to be able to try it out with no risk. It's possible (although unlikely) that you will find it less effective than you had hoped, in which case we wouldn't want you to feel bad about having bought it. That's why we are giving a 100% money-back guarantee. We have seen in our clinic how amazed and delighted people are when they cure their insomnia - we'd like you to have that chance too.

There is absolutely no need to carry on suffering with insomnia. We guarantee that the tiredness, the irritability, the awful night-time loneliness can be a thing of the past. Get the Deep Sleep Program today and you'll experience what we mean.

Order below, or find out more here: From Insomnia to Deep Sleep

Price: $60.00

Get Peaceful Moments FREE when you order today! ($35.00 value)

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director