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Self Confidence Trainer CD

Self Confidence Trainer

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9 basic needs for emotional health

Emotional intelligence - do you need it?

How to get along with people

How post-traumatic stress disorder works

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NEVER BEFORE has it been more important to learn about yourself, about how emotions work, and how to manage your own. Uncertain times and fast-changing circumstances have led to a huge upswing in emotional problems. This rise in depression, anxiety disorders, anger problems and other emotional difficulties has made the right psychological information presented in the right way invaluable. Welcome to Uncommon Knowledge.

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Uncommon Knowledge's free courses and audio products use state-of-the-art psychological techniques to get you where you want to be.

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You'll find the Uncommon Knowledge approach to psychology refreshing, fun and startlingly informative.

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Self Confidence Trainer CD

Self Confidence Trainer

Join the thousands who have used the Self Confidence Trainer Double CD to improve self confidence and boost self esteem. Now in its second edition.

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Hypnosis Unwrapped, our hypnosis training DVD, will teach you all about hypnosis, hypnotic language and how to hypnotize. Through watching presentations, seeing demonstrations of hypnosis and completing the enclosed workbook, you will learn the most effective form of indirect, conversational hypnosis. More on hypnosis.
Panic Attacks CD

Panic Attacks CD

Although panic attacks can seem unstoppable and overwhelming, there are tried-and-tested techqniques you can use to control and stop them. The Panic Attacks Prevention Program will tell you what panic attacks are and give you concrete instructions on how to reduce your anxiety immediately.

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Psychology and Self Help Articles

Uncommon Knowledge is packed with free articles on popular psychology, self improvement and more. Here's a list of our most-read:

Personal development plans - a guide to how to plan your personal development so that you achieve your goals

Goal setting - setting goals the right way means you are much more likely to achieve them

Positive thinking - not all it's cracked up to be, as this article clearly demonstrates

Public speaking - a long-term favourite with tips, techniques and tools to make speaking in public a much more enjoyable experience

Relationship advice - go for the hard science rather than relying on hearsay

Inspirational quotes - inspirational quotes with a difference - designed to make you think!

Relaxation techniques - the truth about relaxation techniques

Hypnosis Master Series - Gain uncommon insights into hypnosis and how it features in emotional problems and peak performance

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