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Learn Hypnosis at Home

A Quick Exercise in Self Hypnosis


Read the exercise through first, then practise it.

1) Close your eyes and think about a time when you felt very relaxed or comfortable. You may have been on holiday or with friends or excited at learning something new. Really conjure the feelings of that time up in your mind. Remember or imagine the way the hands felt and notice the way they feel now. It may have been a very amusing time when you and others were laughing a great deal. Notice what itís like to recapture something of that feeling.

2) Now, as you begin to re-experience something of these feelings again, bring your thumb and finger together and let these feelings become more powerful. Take your time whilst doing this.

3) Next, with thumb and finger firmly together, think of a time in the future where having these comfortable and enjoyable feelings will change the very nature of that future experience for you.

4) Within your mind drift into that situation with thumb and finger together noticing what itís like to be there but with these comfortable feelings. Notice all the things that are different in this situation now that you are different within it.

If youíve done this then well done! Youíve already started to use self-hypnosis to forge new unconscious associations. If you didnít manage to experience this or would like to experience it more strongly then you might want to take a look at our Self Hypnosis CD or Hypnosis DVD.

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