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Free Psychology Articles

"does seem to have the welfare of its readers in mind more than selling the products..."

"May I just say I stumbled across Uncommon Knowledge by chance (or maybe because I was meant to) and since then I've read lots of articles."

"I really like it because it's not full of pushy marketing and does seem to have the welfare of its readers in mind more than selling the products."

"Obviously there are references to the products but everyone has to make a living and that's okay but I never feel bombarded when I'm on the site. Well done."

Lesley Shaw,
Accounts Manager,
Dewsbury, UK

Our uncommonly interesting psychology articles are grouped into sections below for easy browsing. Enjoy your stroll through our library and remember to subscribe to Clear Thinking for new articles every two weeks.

Therapy techniques
Articles on therapy and counselling techniques, such as Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, How to Avoid Burnout and Treating Depression.

Self help psychology
All sorts of self help psychology articles to help you feel better. Includes articles on self confidence, low self esteem and quitting smoking.

Anxiety, Panic and Stress
Stress and anxiety seem like a part of modern life. Understand them better with articles on panic attacks, worrying and PTSD.

Personal Development
Develop your personal skills with our extensive personal development section. Includes two major guides: Personal Development Plan and Goal Setting plus the ever-popular How to Make Decisions.

Psychology Articles
Our uncommon psychology articles are written for the psychology user (you), not the psychology professor. Enjoy article like Bystander Apathy, Basic Emotional Needs and Why do we Dream?

Relationships and Communication Skills
Enhance your relationships and improve your communication skills by learning what the latest research has to say on the subject. Includes articles such as Women and Emotions, How to Handle Bullies and Research-based Relationship Advice.

Hypnosis Masters Series and Hypnotherapy
Every therapy practitioner needs to know how to use hypnosis to relax the client and engage the imagination. Browse our extensive Hypnosis Masters Series containing article titles like Hypnosis - what you need to know, Hypnosis and pain control and Everyday Hypnosis.

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Roger Elliott
Managing Director


Uncommon Knowledge also publish a large range of self hypnosis downloads using the psychological principles outlined in these articles.