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How to Use Hypnosis Tape

Hypnosis Tape from Uncommon Knowledge
How to use Hypnosis Tape / CD

Price: 12.95 (€, $)

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The Uncommon Knowledge Hypnosis Tape will teach you to use this powerful natural resource to help yourself and others. Hypnosis is so useful in negotiating the stresses and difficulties of life so why not learn to use it for yourself?.

We all talk ourselves into performing poorly, so why not use this hypnosis tape to help yourself do well? Hypnosis is not a ‘panacea for all ills’, but it is the most versatile way of creating change in your mind and body.

Your Guarantee of a Fantastic Hypnotic Experience

The authors of the self hypnosis tape, Mark Tyrrell and Roger Elliott, are the directors of Uncommon Knowledge. They have a vast amount of experience in using hypnosis with their patients, and in training others how to use hypnosis.

If you are not amazed by the incredible deep relaxation you experience listening to this hypnosis tape, or are unhappy with it for any reason, simply send it back within 90 days and we will refund you in full, no questions asked.

The self hypnosis training tape costs only 12.95(€, $) including shipping, wherever in the World you live. You can convert to your local currency on the payment page.

If you are in the UK, your tape will be with you in 1-2 working days. In the US, Europe, Australasia or elsewhere, it may take from 3-5 days. We are experienced at shipping products all around the globe.

Hypnosis Tape from Uncommon Knowledge
Price: 12.95 (€, $)

Or order by PayPal

Free shipping worldwide

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director