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How to Build Self Esteem in Others - Ebook

A Helping Hand - How to Build Self Esteem in Others'
75 Pages

Price: $25.00

Comment from Bill O'Hanlon
"Elliott and Tyrrell have written a charming and very user-friendly book full of practical and workable methods for helping those we love and work with. It's a quick read and you will be richer for it."
Bill O'Hanlon (author/coauthor of 21 books, including Do One Thing Different and A Lazy Man's Guide to Success)

Learn advanced communication skills and help people believe in themselves (without them noticing you're doing it!)

Whether you are a parent, therapist, counselor, teacher, manager or work with people in some other way, the ability to increase peoples' self belief is highly rewarding.

By learning subtle communication secrets you can avoid the usual mistakes that simply make others argue harder for their weaknesses. Knowing how to sidestep resistance will allow you to escape the frustration of watching negativity ruin peoples' lives.

With the 23 techniques, plus a bonus chapter with 7 tips on raising self esteem in children, your ability to help others will be multiplied several times.

In the process, you will learn many new ways to convey your own ideas so they are much more likely to be accepted, whatever the situation.

75 pages long, A Helping Hand is vibrantly illustrated, with colourful cartoons throughout to make learning fun and easy. The book is $25.00.

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A Helping Hand - How to Build Self Esteem in Others'

Price: $25.00
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