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1 Hour Snake Phobia Cure DVD

The 1-hour Snake Phobia Cure DVD is aimed at professionals looking to add new skills, or increase their ability to treat people with phobias. It contains some amazing footage of Mark Tyrrell, co-founder of HypnosisDownloads.com, ridding one man of his phobia of snakes and changing the man's mindset so dramatically that even when he was later bitten by a snake his phobia did not return.

See a lifelong phobia cured - with 3-month follow-up after a snake bite!

Our '1-hour phobia cure' DVD demonstrates the rewind technique, which is also known as the 'fast phobia cure'. It's a highly reliable way of re-coding a traumatic memory so that the memory no longer causes post-traumatic symptoms.

The Rewind Technique can be used to treat PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) just as effectively as it can phobias.

The DVD also includes the three month follow up, during which the man reveals that he has been bitten by a UK poisonous snake called an adder, but still remains free of his phobia.

Snake Phobia Cure DVD

Price: $75.00

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Mark Tyrrell
Creative Director

"It was particularly useful to see the client exposed to a snake after his phobia treatment..."
by Keith Guy, Managing Director, Red Poppy Trauma Treatment Company, UK

"We at Red Poppy Company thought the quality of this 'Snake Phobia Cure DVD' was excellent, with good sound and picture quality and first-rate presentation at the beginning by the training manager."

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