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About Hypnosis - Part 1

What is Hypnosis - Part 2

Ultradian Rhythms - Part 3

How to Use Hypnosis - Part 4

Dreaming - Part 5

Self Hypnosis - Part 6

Trance - Part 7

Negative Hypnosis - Part 8

Using Hypnosis - Part 9

Hypnosis Exercise - Part 10

Counselling - Part 11

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Using Self Hypnosis Well


If you are already using self-hypnosis in a negative way, then it is good to be aware of that so you notice when you are doing it. Itís also important to know what to do instead.

Preparing to Succeed with Self Hypnosis

When hypnotised, a person can rehearse a problem situation whilst feeling comfortable. Although simple, this is a highly effective way to prepare the mind and body to respond in the required manner when the situation arises for real. It can give the subject the feeling that they have successfully negotiated it before, and allow them access to the skills they need.

This is particularly effective because, as with dreaming, the emotions and body respond as if the hypnotic experience is real. You do not distinguish between actual and imagined reality. Hence the fact that you can imagine something scary now and feel scared!

Done repeatedly, this imagination can lead to you responding in a frightened way when you encounter the actual situation. Hence, the prevalence of fear around public speaking!

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