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About Hypnosis - Part 1

What is Hypnosis - Part 2

Ultradian Rhythms - Part 3

How to Use Hypnosis - Part 4

Dreaming - Part 5

Self Hypnosis - Part 6

Trance - Part 7

Negative Hypnosis - Part 8

Using Hypnosis - Part 9

Hypnosis Exercise - Part 10

Counselling - Part 11

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How is Self Hypnosis Useful?


To sum up, therapeutic hypnosis is a peaceful, creative and productive state of inner absorption. The lack of anxiety, or everyday ‘reactive' responses, and the ability to control emotional responses and create new connections allows new learnings, abilities and potentials to develop.

Another major benefit of knowing about hypnosis is how to spot 'negative self hypnosis' and stop it happening.

'Negative Self Hypnosis' and Emotional Problems

By now you may be thinking that hypnosis sounds fantastic. And indeed it is. But we are only able to go into hypnosis because trance is part of our natural makeup as human beings. Without the ability to focus our attention, we wouldn’t be able to concentrate, learn, remember, recall, form memories and so on.

And this ability to focus also gets us into trouble.
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