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Shiny, flexible, useful psychology articles from Uncommon Knowledge

It might just be us, but have you noticed that psychology articles tend to be stuffed with impenetrable jargon, rendering them useless to anyone but psychologists? At Uncommon Knowledge we reckon psychology is fascinating, and so articles on it should be too. Take a look at the list of articles below and see what you think. (Feel free to check out our Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy section too).

  • Why Do We Dream?
    Ever wondered why we dream? Find out what causes dreams and how to understand them.
  • The Basic Human Needs for Good Mental Health and Emotional Well-being
    The 9 basic human needs for good mental health and emotional well-being
  • Bystander apathy
    Bystander apathy - it's none of my business!
  • No strings on me: Is there a psychopath in your life?
    What is a psychopath? Do you know one? Ever been the victim of one? The chances are that the answer is yes, even if you may not realize it.
  • The Therapeutic Nature of Loving Touch
    Read about a vital human need: the therapeutic nature of loving touch.
  • Give a dog a bad name the sticking power of labels
    Discover the power of labels and next time think carefully about how you describe yourself to others!
  • Suggestibility: How to be an Einstein
    How suggestible are you? Find out the importance of your surroundings.
  • Understanding Bullies and Bullying
    An in depth look at what underlies bullying, and understanding bullies and bullying.
  • The Law of Social Proof : Everybody's doing it!
    Find out about the law of social proof and the power of social influence.
  • The Cost of Freedom
    With the freedom to do more than ever before why are we all so depressed?
  • Stockholm Syndrome: Loving the chains that bind
    When is love not ‘love’ at all, but something else entirely?
  • The protective power of hope and thought
    A review of our ‘basic needs’ reveals that a sense of inner hope, meaning and control in our lives is essential for emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Post Natal Depression
    Read about the symptoms of post natal depression. Follow our guidelines to help with post natal depression and start restoring your health today!
  • Influence in therapy and counselling
    Read how a therapist who is influencial and charismatic can help your therapy session.
  • Milton Erickson
    Find out more about his case studies, the Ericksonian schools and practitioners, and how Erickson used hypnosis in his brief therapy and solution focused therapy techniques
  • The Mad, Mad World of Psychotherapy
    Delve into the world of psychotherapy and find out more about the origins of psychotherapy.
  • The History of Storytelling
    Read about the importance of storytelling and its role in therapy.
  • Cognitive Dissonance: Stop Lying to Yourself
    Getting a handle on the unconscious behaviour patterns with our article on cognitive dissonance

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