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Personal development articles that won't make your eyes glaze over

These days, the world and his dog is writing articles on personal development. And why not? It's a personal thing that everyone can have an opinion on. Here at Uncommon Knowledge we try to make our personal development a little different: less navel-gazing, more action, that's what we like. We hope you like too. You may also find more interesting insight in our Psychology Articles.

  • In Praise of the Primal Lifestyle
    Improve happiness and life satisfaction by meeting your physical and emotional needs as nature intended.
  • Guide to Personal Development Planning
    Create your own personal development plan. Make the most of your dreams or ambitions.
  • Goal Setting Guide
    Take control of your destiny with our goal setting guide. Achieve success by achieving your goals.
  • Setting Goals by Uncommon Knowledge
    Use our guide on setting goals and gain satisfaction from everything you do.
  • Public Speaking Tips (or how to enjoy presentations)
    Learn to enjoy public speaking and improve your presentation skills
  • Getting to know 'you'
    Do you know much about yourself? Or do you just think you do?
  • How to be Seriously Funny
    How to be seriously funny. An article for a laugh on the serious business of humour.
  • How to Make Decisions
    Can't seem to make a decision? And never sure if it is the right one.
  • Why An Optimistic Outlook Will Make You Healthy, Wealthy and More Popular!
    Keep optimisim in the face of adversity.
  • The Pitfalls of Positive Thinking - Affirmations Versus Optimism
    Discover the pitfalls of positive thinking - affirmations versus optimisim
  • The Truth About Relaxation Techniques
    Use these relaxation techniques and help beat the effects of stress.
  • Hike your way to happiness
    Keep achieving your goals and pushing yourself and feel good about yourself.
  • Self Discipline and Mental Health
    Read about the benefits of self discipline and get what you want.
  • The art of psychological self defense
    There are ‘hidden persuaders’ all around us in life. When we are young we like to think that we are different, even that we are immune from the psychological pressures that bend, manipulate and condition other people.

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